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Victory Day (বিজয় দিবস ) of Bangladesh

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Victory Day of Bangladesh is a national day in the country celebrated on 16 December. The day is observed as the victory against the Pakistani forces in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. The day ends the 9-month long blood-spattered war between the common people of Bangladesh and the military forces of Pakistan. The Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 loses 3 million of people and loss of the respect and dignity of half of a million women. The Victory Day of Bangladesh comes with happiness of freedom and loss of huge lives at a time.

A Brief History of the Victory Day of Bangladesh

The Liberation War of 1971 was the war of Independence of Bangladesh. It was resulted the dividing of the East Pakistan from the coalition of West Pakistan and establishment of a sovereign nation named Bangladeshi and an independent country called Bangladesh. The war was against West Pakistan pitted East Pakistan and India that lasts up to nine months. It was one of the most violent wars of the twentieth century that produced 10 million refugees and 3 million killings of common people.

On December 16, 1971, Lt. Gen. Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, the Chief Officer of Pakistani Arm Forces signed onto the Instrument of Surrender. It was a written agreement of surrender of the Eastern Command of Pakistan in Bangladesh Liberation War. It was the end of the Eastern Theater of Indo-Pak War in 1971.

Surrender Ceremony & Recognition of Bangladesh

At the day of the Surrender Ceremony in 16th December 1971, there were present Vice-Admiral Muhammad Sharif, Pakistan Naval Commander and Patrick D. Callaghan, Air vice Marshal of Pakistan Air force who signed the agreement. Group Captain A.K. Khandokar acted as the witness of the Surrender Ceremony along with Lt. Gen. Sagat Singh, Hari Chand Dewan, Maj. Gen. JFR Jacob. After the signing of the document ends the Liberation War of Bangladesh and all these happened in the Ramna Race Course, Dhaka.

The final agreement was singed from A.A. Khan Niazi and Jagjit Singh Aurora in front of a huge crowd in Dhaka. The Surrender of Pakistani Arm Forces makes the end of the Liberation War of Bangladesh and gets the new independent country named ‘Bangla Desh’. Most of the United Nations’ members accept the freedom of Bangladesh within a few months.

Celebration of the Victory Day of Bangladesh

The celebration of the Victory Day of Bangladesh has been started since 1972. The topic of the Liberation War 1971 gets a huge importance of cinema, history, literature, mass media, arts and education in Bangladesh. Moreover, the day celebrated with some other activities, including Military Parade at the National Parade Ground, lectures, speeches, meetings, receptions of the freedom fighters and fireworks. Besides, TV, radio and electronic print media broadcast special programs, memorandum and other related activities. Streets, roads, offices and houses get decorated with colorful Bangladeshi flags.

Events of the Honor Victory Day


1971 – State Bank of Pakistan was renamed as Bangladesh Bank.

1972 – The constitution of Bangladesh was endorsed on 16th December.

1973 – Gallantry awards were declared at the Gazette on 15 December.

1996 – Celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the victory.

2007 – The tomb of Beer Sreshtho Matiur Rahaman was taken back to Bangladesh on December 10.

2013 – The largest human flag’s world record was set with 27,117 volunteers hold red and green blocks to form the “National Parade Ground”.

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