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Smart Technologies BD Customer Care Number

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Find all necessary information of Smart Technologies BD in this content. It’s one of the leading provider and distributors of mobile phone, computers, printers and many more. If you looking for details of Smart Technologies, you’re at the correct place right now. Find details of Smart Technologies in this content. It comes with all about Smart Technologies, including Smart Technology’s contact numbers, email addresses, branch addresses and other details. Furthermore, it contains support number, contact number, complaints number, contact details and helpline number, headquarters number, fax numbers and telephone numbers. Before of getting its details contact information, let’s learn a brief description of the Smart Technologies.

A Brief Description of Smart Technologies BD

Smart technologies BD is one of the leading provider and distributors of mobile phone, computers, printers, computer accessories, printer accessories and many more. Furthermore, it also deals with networking, hardware goods and software business in the country. The company is the authorized distributor of various ict brands.


Some of them are Acer, Apple, Actatek, Abobe, Autodesk, Avira, Avtech, Benq, Cisco, Corsair, Delux And Emerson. Moreover, It Comes With Fortinet, Hp Inc., Gigabyte, Hewlett Packard Enterprize, Kgaurd, Intel, Kingston, Kstar, Liteon, Lenovo, Logitech, Microsoft, Matrix, Netis, Patriot, Oracle, Pny, Power Pac, Polycom, Real Media, Ricoh, Redhat,Samsung, Smart Pc, Smanos, Targus, Tyco, Taztag, Toshiba, Twinmos, Thecus, Techik, Team Viewer, Vimtag, Vivanco, Vmware, Woosim, X-Treme, Western Digital, Xface, Yealink Etc.

Smart Technologies BD Customer Care number across Bangladesh

Smart Technologies BD Customer Care number is for its users to different purposes. We are going to share Smart Technologies Customer Number across Bangladesh with necessary detail information in this content. You can use these numbers for various purposes. The users of Smart Technologies must know the Customer Care number numbers for their any kind of issue.

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You just make a call and solve your all problems instantly. As a result, Smart Technologies BD Customer Care number and some other details are essential for its clients. As a Smart Technologies customer, you must know about the details of your nearest Smart Technologies BD Customer Care number and address. You can contact them for any of your problems regarding your Smart Technologies issues.

Corporate Head Office of Smart Technologies BD

156, Yakub South Center (2nd Floor), Mirpur Road,
Kalabagan, Lake Circus , Dhaka-1205.

Email Address:

Company Website Link:

Contact Numbers: +8801730317734, +8801730317747,

Contact Numbers: +8801730317737, +8801730354834,

Contact Numbers: +8801966667321, +8801966667300,

Contact Numbers: +8801730701939, +8801730354833,

Contact Numbers: +8801730354832, +8801730354831,

Contact Numbers: +8801730354806, +8802-58153617,

Contact Numbers: +8802-58157011 (Auto Hunting),

Fax Number: +8802- 9141986.

IDB Branch (Distribution) Contact Number:

+8801730317789, +8801730317791,

+8801730317774, +8801755606322,

+8801777734231, +8801730701996

IDB Branch (Retail) Contact Number:

+8801730354899, +8801777734212,

+8801777734211, +8801777734213,

+8801777734214,  +8801777734218, 02-9137235.

Jamuna Future Park Branch Contact Number:

+8801709642447, +8801777734209,

+8801777734201, +8801777734204,

+8801777734205, +8801777734206, +88029823241.

Multiplan Center Branch (Distribution) Contact Number:

+8801730317785, +8801730317786,

+8801730317719, +8801730354835, 02-8618286

Multiplan Center Branch (Retail) Contact Number:

01777734219, 01777734210

Tejgaon Branch (Service Center) Contact Number:


8817939, 8810481, 8810948

Elephant Road Branch Contact Number:

+8801730317781, +8801730701981,

+8801730354896, +8801730701971,

+8801730317784, 02-9676872, 029669874.

Motijheel Branch Contact Number:

+8801730317794, +8801730354818,

+8801755606281, +8801730354819, 02-7110484.

Motijheel Branch (Corporate) Contact Number:

02-9559537, 9571579.

Gulshan Branch Contact Number:

02-9883859, 9884259, Fax: 02-9884246.

Eastern Plus Branch Contact Number:

+8801777734163, 02-8311999

Police Plaza Branch (Retail) Contact Number:

+8801730 701950

Uttara Branch Contact Number:

+8801966667321, +8801777734237,

+8801730354836, 02-7911585

Uttara Branch (Corporate) Contact Number:

01730-701949, 01799-986830

Chittagong Branch Contact Number:

+8801730701917, +8801816437355, 031-2529986-7

Chittagong Corporate Branch Contact Number:

+8801730317798, +8801730317796,

+8801777734279, +8801777734280,

+8801730317795, +8801730701917, 031-2869880

Rajshahi Branch Contact Number:

+8801730701907, +8801730701908,

+8801730701904, +8801730354897,

0721-772885, 772819.

Khulna Branch Contact Number:

+8801730317799, +8801755606311,

+8801777734143, +8801755606313, 041-811858.

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