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Sakura Paribahan Counter Number & Service Information

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Sakura Paribahan is one of the famous transport companies and mostly used bus services from Dhaka to Barisal, khepupara, Mothbaria, and Barguna. They are offering their bus services for a few years, but they get so popular that the maximum number of passengers travels with their buses. Besides, they come with both of AC & Non-AC bus services on these routes. 


As a result, they are one of the best transport companies in Bangladesh and providing their bus services since 1991. The Company is the milestone for their communication system for the services to the nearest districts of the Bay of Bengal.


Sakura Paribahan Service Information

Sakura Paribahan counter contact number is important for its users to different purposes. The content is to share Sakura Paribahan contact number across Bangladesh. You can use these counter numbers for various reasons. Besides, the users of this transport company must know it counters numbers if they have an issue. You just make a call and solve your all problems instantly. As a result, Sakura Paribahan counter number and some other details are essential for its clients. As a result, we are enclosing the counter contact number of the Sakura Paribahan.

Head Office Contact Details of Sakura Paribahan

Sakura Paribahanhas so many contact numbers for their customers to receive booking orders over the phone calls. These are the official numbers of the Sakura Paribahan: 01727545460, 01700558805, 01746474780, and 01992797701. You can call them if you want to get Sakura Paribahan service information. You can buy or book seats at the counter and their head office is in Gabtoli.


Nation-wide Sakura Paribahan counter number

Gabtoli (head office) 
Contact Number: - 01729556677, 02-8021184

Gabtoli Counter 
Contact number -02-8014702, 02-8056297

Saydabad Counter 
Contact number - 02-7550297,01725-060033, 

Savar Counter 
Contact number -01711-519191

Nobinagar : Cunter number -01190-901177

Barisal Cunter 
Contact number -01195438208 

Vurgata, Barisal Cunter 
Contact  number - 01712255857 

Uzirpur, Barisal Cunter 
Contact number - 01716242019 

Barisal Bus Terminal Cunter 
Contact  number - 01190689382, 01712618924 

Rupatpli Barisal Cunter 
Contact number - 01712308942 

Banaripara Barisal Cunter 
Contact number -01716589089-

Sarupkati Barisal Cunter 
Contact number -01719689455 

Jlokati sadar Terminal Cunter 
Contact number - 01712073084, 01190313193 

Rajapur Jlokati Cunter 
Contact number - 01724768808 


Seal kati Cunter 
Contact number - 01711381618 

Vandaria Cunter 
Contact number – 01716919389

Corkhali Cunter 
Contact number - 01713951258 

Motbaria Cunter 
Contact number – 01716114167

Safa Cunter 
Contact number - 01713950555 

Bakergong Cunter
Contact  number - 01712772840 

Lebukhali Cunter 
Contact number - 01717996069 

Patualhali Cunter 
Contact number - 01718925124, 01190701450

Amtoli Cunter
Contact  number - 01716553141 

Borguna Cunter 
Contact number - 01712986024, 01713959476

Sakria Cunter 
Contact number -01718121491 

Kepupara Cunter 
Contact number - 01713927377 

Kuakta Cunter 
Contact number - 01196157183, 01726528490 

Bagerhat Cunter 
Contact number - 01711010450, 01198145445 

Fakirhat Cunter 
Contact number – 01198234145

Sinboard Cunter 
Contact number – 01721046377

Sakura Paribahan Routes

1st route : Dhaka - Barishal
2nd route : Dhaka - Jhalokathi
3rd route : Dhaka - Patuakhali
4th route : Dhaka - Borguna
5th route : Dhaka - Kuakata
6th route : Barishal - Dhaka
7th route : Jhalokathi - Dhaka
8th route : Patuakhali - Dhaka
9th route : Borguna - Dhaka
10th route : Kuakata - Dhaka
11th route : Barishal – Dhaka

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Various Route of Sakura Paribahan

You can get the ticket from Dhaka to Barisal for TK 500 per person. This is the same fare for the routes from Dhaka to Khepupara, Mothbaria, or Barguna. You have to pay TK 550 for any of this destination. Per person fair for Dhaka to Jhalokathi is TK 500. You also have to pay TK 600 for Patuakhali or Kuakata. Unlike other transport companies, Sakura Paribahan non ac bus gives you the feeling that you’re flying in the sky.
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