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Robi We Are Tiger Package Call Rate, Bundle & Offer 2018

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We are Tiger Robi Prepaid Package New Call Rate, Offer and Cricket Bundle offer is available on this post. Robi We are tiger Community Tariff is 50 Paisa per Minute. After migrating on We are Tiger Package, You will get Robi Lowest Call Rate 2018 (50 Paisa Minute), Free Live Cricket Match, Cricket Bundle Offer, and some new benefits and opportunity is available on We are Tiger Prepaid Package.

How to Migrate Robi We are Tiger Package?

If you want to Migrate to Robi We are Tiger Package, Just dial *123*2020# and you will receive a Message shortly.



Robi We are Tiger Free Live Match Watch:

  • Only We Are Tigers members are eligible for the offer
  • Customers will first have to join We Are Tigers by dialing *123*2020# and then dial *123*9090# to activate the offer
  • After activating the offer, We Are Tigers members will have to download “Robi My Sports” app to watch live matches for free
  • No subscription fee will be charged to the We Are Tigers members
  • The validity of the offer is 1 calendar day. Customer will have to dial *123*9090# and activate the offer again the next day to continue watching free live matches in “Robi My Sports” app
  • The campaign will be run from 18th January to 18th February

Robi We are Tigers Other Benefits & Offer Details:

  • Robi prepaid customers can dial the USSD code - *123*2020# to migrate in to the We Are Tigers
  • Customers will be able to enjoy all the attractive offers and benefits by dialing the USSD code - *123*5050#. Menu Details:
USSD Code Offers Activation
*123*5050# 1) Cricket Bundles Auto
2) Combo Bundle
  • The base Rate of this package is 21.5 paisa/10 sec
  • We Are Tigers members are eligible to enjoy all the existing special rate offers (31TK, 39TK, 79TK, etc.)
  • The campaign will be valid until further notice
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