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There are many popular government universities in patuakhali district. The most popular one is the patuakhali science and technology university (PSTU). This is the best engineering government university for the students there.  Barisal Government Veterinary College is the first public university in Barisal division which got affiliation from the PSTU. This university has been working as constituent faculty for the PSTU.

Patuakhali university for engineers

Only the students who are from patuakhali get admission in PSTU to become engineer. All types of courses on science and technology is available for the students. Students who are from other regions can get place in hostel. This patukhali university is popular in all districts and divisions.
PSTU formally began working after proclamation of government journal notice on 8 July 2000 with the grounds of previous Patuakhali Agricultural College as its core. The university began with the Faculty of Agriculture offering four-year BSc Ag. (Hons.) degrees.
The Patuakhali university of Science and Technology was created at the private activity of the neighborhood individuals through the foundation of a higher auxiliary establishment in 1972 as a private college. It was then swung to Patuakhali Agricultural College under the connection of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh in 1979 with the target of delivering horticultural graduates offering the BSc.Ag. (Hons.) degree.
The college was nationalized on 1 February 1985 and was put under the managerial control of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Ministry of Agricultural together with BAU connection.
The administration of Bangladesh propelled an undertaking to set up a science and technology university where none existed. The task upheld the change of Patuakhali Agricultural College into the undeniable Patuakhali university of Science and Technology that appeared through a Parliamentary Act passed on 12 July 2001.

Patuakhali university tuition fees

Admission fees can be charged at Tk 10500-11500 per unit.

Patukhali university admission 2018

There are two ways for the students to get admission in patuakhali university and they are given below:
* Everybody with the merit list and waiting list of A, B and C units should complete the information in the prescribed application form on PbPP website on 26-28 December, 2017 and the admission in the A unit will be filled by the students in the Option Form, in the order of preference (1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th) to be filled in certain parts.
* If you are unable to fill in the application form or fill out the application form, either from A, B and C unit’s merit list and waiting list can be filled from PBPB booth (only on 28th December, 2017). If you do not complete the application form or the Option Form, admission will be considered ineligible.

PatukhHYPERLINK “”aliHYPERLINK “” university HYPERLINK “”ranking

patuakhali university world rank 7910
patuakhali university count rank 43

PatukhHYPERLINK “”aliHYPERLINK “” university HYPERLINK “”subjects

ü Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine
ü Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
ü Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science
ü Faculty of Business Administration
ü Faculty of Disaster Management
ü Faculty of Animal Husbandry
ü Faculty of Agriculture
ü Faculty of Fisheries

PatukhaliHYPERLINK “” admission test question

Test exam is taken in 100 marks


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