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Padma Resort Bangladesh Contact Number with Details

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If you’re looking for details of Padma Resort, you’re at the correct place right now. Find details of Padma Resort in this content. It comes with all about Padma Resort, including Padma Resort’s contact numbers, email addresses, other details. Furthermore, it contains support number, contact number, complaints number, contact details and helpline number, headquarters number, fax numbers and telephone numbers. Before of getting its details contact information, let’s learn a brief description of the Padma Resort.All Credit www. Contact Number Hub .com

A Brief Description of Padma Resort

The Padma Resort is just a 100 minutes drive from Dhaka city which needs another 5 minutes boat drive. And that’s it; discover the new world of beauty and imagination. The resort to make a feel rich with thrills and exotic atmosphere inside the tropics, that’s on the bank of the legendary river of Padma. When someone goes inside the resort, he or she feels captivating with the amazing views of the river. You’ll be charmed with the luxury, comfort and hospitality of the resort that offers an out of this world landscape. Get the Gamut of cultural evens and activities while in the Padma Resort that comes with cultural diversity of native Bangladesh.


Furthermore, the Padma Resort provides a full luxury services and wonderful sceneries while it’s located in a great place. Since we know the place is the West bank of the Padma River. It’s just inside of the green Bangladeshi villages with lash and wonderful riverside sceneries in the forest greenery. As the different look of the river, you’ll feel the dreams come true here. It will show you some different and great locations along with great facilities, great conveyance, luxurious amenities and romantic atmosphere. It’s what about the Padma Resort, which is truly special and unique. It comes with the perfect destination for your family doorway.

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Padma Resort Customer Care Number

Padma Resort Customer Care number is for its users to different purposes. We are going to share Padma Resort Customer Care Number with necessary detail information in this content. You can use these customer care numbers for various purposes. The users of Padma Resort must know the customer care numbers for their any kind of issue. You just make a call and solve your all problems instantly. As a result, Padma Resort Customer Care Number and some other details are essential for its clients. As a Padma Resort customer, you must know about the details of the Padma Resort customer care number and address. You can contact them for any of your problems regarding any issue of Padma Resort.

Padma Resort Hotline Number:

01752987688, 01680550598 (Dhaka Office)

Padma Resort Hotline Number:

01746026134, 01625788920 (Resort Office)

Padma Resort Cell Number:


Padma Resort Manager’s Number:


01712-170330, 01752-987688

Padma Resort Location & Address

Lauhajang, (Opposite Bank of Lauhajang Police Station),


Padma Resort Dhaka Office Address

6/A-1, Concept Tower (5th Floor), 68-69 Green Road,

Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
Number: +880 8628878

Number: +88-02-8991750

Number: +880 1916 712097, +880 1712 086199
Fax Number: +88 02 8991750
Email Address:,

Email Address:
Official Website:

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These are all about Padma Resort. If you have to know something more about Padma Resort, contact us with following comment box or with the ‘Contact Us’ form in the contact us page. We’ll reply with the best answer of your inquiries. And stay with us for further update of Padma Resort.

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