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Mahiya Mahi Biography

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Mahiya Mahi Biographi really is significant for her fans. We know that she is the present Queen in Bangladeshi film industry. She is so sexy, attractive figure, slimy, good speaker and talented actress in Dhaka Film. She is the professional actress and model in “Dhallywood”. We know that some time she alter her colur and take new characters of her personal life. She has acquired all beauty and fear from the nature. So, there is no doubt for futures generation she will have to lead the Bangladeshi Film Industry. She is young, beautiful and genus actress at present. 

Mahiya Mahi Early Life
It is fair to discuss Bangla Actress Mahiya Mahi Biography in her early life. Man can’t forget his/her childhood memory. She was born in the year of 1993 on October 27 in largest Rajshahi deistic in Bangladesh. Though she was born in the lap of nature but she did not live on her. She passed few years in her birthplace with her parents and relatives. But time of the passes she left her birth place and shipped in Dhaka (Dhaka is the capitol of Bahgladesh). Here she started to stay with her parents’ very luxuriousl from her childhood. 

Mahiya Mahi Education

Wow! Already we have researched about Mahiya Mahi Biography and find out she is so brilliant student in the field of Education section. Before admit in Dhaka City College, she joined in Uttara High School and College and got GPA 5 in SSC. It is great news for her fans. She also got GPA Golden 5 from Dhaka City College in Higher Secondary Certificate. In present time, she is studying Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology at the department of Fashion Designing. Indeed, she is a genius student and actress in her personal life.   
Man can’t fulfill his all dream in this selfish world. Mahi did not can it. She wanted to be a great doctor in her personal life. But dramatically she has become a film actress. People say there is a short but important story in her life to being a actress. Once upon a time she was a photo shoot and her fantastic photo gives Jaaz Multimedia through her a close friend. And Jaaz offer her to become heroin for its industry and first digital movie “Valobashar Rong”. She acted this film and show great performance.  

Now she is the top rate actress in the Bangladeshi films that pass all past record. She takes just one million takas for her every film in Bangladesh. Her another films Onnorokom Valovasha, Poramon, Vhalobasa Aaj Kal, Tobuo Valobashi, Ki Darun Dekhte, Agnee, Dobir Saheber Songsar, Honeymoon, Onek Sadher Moyna, Desha the leader, Romeo vs oJuliet, Big Brother, Warning, Agnee2, Onek Dame Kena Prem, Firiye Dao Amar Prem, court Marriage and Dhaka Attack.

Mahiya Mhai Personal Life

Mahiya Mahi is known as hot and beauty heroine in Bangladeshi film & media. Mahiya Mahi is a very popular name in Dhallywood film industry. Mahiya Mahi started her film career by Jaaz Multimedia first digital movie Bhalobashar Rong.
Mahiya Mahi is a good and talent student till now. Her secondary and primary school was Uttara High school and college in Dhaka 2010 and Higher secondary education completed from Dhaka city college in 2012.

Mahiya Mhai Married


Bangladeshi celebrity Mahiya Mahi has committed a businessman of Sylhet in an exclusive ceremony on Tuesday.
The couple knew each other for four years before they received married.
She married Mahmud Pervez Opu at her Uttara property in Dhaka yesterday evening after their engagement on May 12. The reception will maintain Sylhet on July 24.
” I am lucky to acquire him. I wanted to make a home with an ordinary and simple man, and Allah has awarded my wish.”
Mahi referred to Opu as a natural hearted man.
Regarding her profession post-marriage, Mahi said she needs to concentrate on her marriage now and so won’t be working in several or two videos each year.


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In Media
In Mahiya Mahi Biography, we find she is the brand ambassador of Fair & Lovely. Asian Tv and The Daily Ittefaq declared in 2013 she is the best actress.
At the end of this Biography, we can say that she is great actress and brilliant student of her personal life. She is married and have not baby yet.


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