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Grameenphone Bondhu Package Call Rate & Offer Updated

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Grameenphone Bondhu Package New Call Rate, Tariff Plan, Super FnF New Call Rate, FnF Number Call Rate and A to Z information are available on this post. After changing the Call rate on 14 August 2018, Bondhu Package is the best Package of Grameenphone where the Customer will get lowest Call rate 45 Paisa per Minute ( VAT, SD & SC Applicable). Now, Grameenphone Bondhu Package users will get Special Call Rate 7.5 Paisa per 10 Second to the Super FnF 24 hours. All other FnF Call Rate is 12 Paisa per 10 Second. You can read complete information of Grameenphone Bondhu Package Call Rate (Update Call Rate) from the below table.

Grameenphone Bondhu Package New Call Rate 2018:

Bondhu Time Tariff
Call Type 24 hours GP-GP GP-Other operator
1 Super FnF
7.5 poisha/10 second N/A
17 FnF numbers
(GP-GP & GP-Others)
12 poisha/10 second 12 poisha/10 second
Voice Calls 27.5 poisha/10 second 27.5 poisha/10 second
Pulse 10 second
SMS (On-net, Off-net & F&F) 50 poisha/SMS (within 160 characters)

Grameenphone Bondhu Package Details:

  • 18 F&F numbers in total
  • 1 GP-GP super F&F
  • 17 (maximum) GP-GP F&F or GP-Other operator F&F in any combination
  • Calls to GP-GP Super F&F numbers at 7.5 poisha/10 second
  • Calls to GP-GP F&F numbers at 12 poisha/10 second
  • Calls to other operator F&F number at 12 poisha/10 second
  • All GP-GP calls (excluding F&F calls) at 27.5 poisha/10 second
  • All GP-Other Operator calls (excluding F&F calls) at 27.5 poisha/10 second
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff
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