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Gazipur District গাজীপুর জেলার সকল তথ্য

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Gazipur district is one of the parts of greater Dhaka district, which is in the Dhaka division in Bangladesh. The region was under the deep jungle of Bhawal sub-division once upon a time. With hundreds years old tradition, Gazipur is one of the ancient and historical region. We remind the history of 2500 years ago when see the Monument of emperor Ashok period, Dardia fort of Mourja period, and Buddhist Monastery of the king Dhol Samudra. In the region in 1733, the first Bengali dictionary and grammar and the first printed book of prose was written by Portugal priests. Moreover, in Titbati village in Kapashia was producing very popular and world thinnest fabrics named Muslin.

Geography of Gazipur District

In the Tertiary era, the transformation of parts of Gazipur northeast India, resulting in degradation, caused Rajmahal Garo Chop to be demolished. As a result, the speed of the river changes varies. During the period of plasterstencillation activity, the development of the complex of Madhupur Bhawalchatbara (Gazipur district) or Plastasian is derived from ancient sediments.

The average height of the area from the sea level to the woodland area is 18 meters. The height of some areas of the forest area is more than 50 meters. Relatively speaking, ‘Pahira’ area is the highest land. The main rivers are: Old Brahmaputra, Shitalakshya, Turag, Banshi, Balu, Banar, Garagara and Chilai.

Upazila List of Gazipur District

  1. Gazipur Sadar Upazila
  2. Kaliakair Upazila
  3. Kapasia Upazila
  4. Sreepur Upazila
  5. Kaliganj Upazila

Gazipur City Corporation: 1

Pourashavas: 3

Number of Union Parishad: 44

Gazipur District Natural Resources

A landform exploration of the potential for oil exploration in Kapasia of Gazipur district has been discovered. Discovery wells have been excavated at Krupeshwar village of Singhashree Union. There is a possibility of 450 BCF discoveries. That’s recoverable. Besides, the only gas field in Kamata of Nagari Union is located in Kaliganj upazila. The amount of cumulative gas collected in Kamata 50 billion cubic feet So far, 21 billion cubic feet of gas has been lifted. Due to excessive water extraction, gas leakage is now closed from the well.

Gazipur District Population & Literacy

Gazipur district’s total population is 34, 03,912 where Male 17, 75,310 and Female 16, 28,602. The sex ratio is 109:100 and the population density 1884/Sq Km along with annual growth rate is 5.21%. Besides, the rate of literacy of the district is 62.60% where Male 66.00% and Female 58.90%. The rate of school attendance is 42.50% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Gazipur District 10th Parliament Member’s

  1. Gazipur-1: A.K.M. Mozammel Huq, Bangladesh Awami League
  2. Gazipur-2: Md. Zahid Ahsan Russel, Bangladesh Awami League
  3. Gazipur-3: Alhaz Advocate Md. Rahamat Ali, Bangladesh Awami League
  4. Gazipur-4: Simeen Hussain (Rimi), Bangladesh Awami League
  5. Gazipur-5: Meher Afroze chumki, Bangladesh Awami League

Gazipur District Major Crops

Gazipur district grows Potato, Paddy, Jute, Oilseed, sugarcane, cotton, bamboo etc.

Gazipur District Major Fruits

Gazipur district’s major fruits are Mango, jackfruit, papaya, banana, guava etc.

Gazipur District Major Rivers

The main rivers of Gazipur district are Lablong, Brahmaputra, Paruli, Turag, Suti, Goali, Banar, Balu, Chelai, Bangshi, Shitalakha etc.

Gazipur District Bank

There are all commercial and government bank in Gazipur district. Some of them are below:

  1. The Sonsani Bank
  2. Janata Bank
  3. Agrani Bank
  4. Rupali Bank
  5. Pubali Bank
  6. Uttara Bank
  7. Agricultural Bank
  8. Grameen Bank
  9. Islami Bank
  10. National Bank

Gazipur District Newspapers

There are some newspapers in Gazipur district. Some of them are below:

Daily Newspapers:

  • Daily News
  • Daily Ajker Janata
  • Daily Mukta Sangbad News
  • Daily Natun Bhur
  • Daily Gazir Desh

Half-weekly / weekly newspapers:

  • Pilsuj
  • Shitalakshya
  • Gazipur message
  • Organon
  • bhaval

Fortnightly / Monthly Journals:

  • Documentary
  • massmail
  • Monthly teenage manas

Gazipur District Education

Gazipur district is rich in educational organizations and there are five universities in Gazipur. These include Islamic University of Technology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (formerly the Institute of Postgraduate Studies on Agriculture), Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh Open University and Bangladesh National University. Also, you’ll find there are two masters level colleges in the district, such as Bhawal Badre Alam Government College and Tongi Government College. Moreover, there are 19 degree colleges in the district along with a several Honors level colleges as well. There is the national university Gazipur here.

Postal code of Gazipur

  • Gazipur Sadar: 1700
  • Kaliakaar: 1750
  • Kaliganj: 1720
  • Kapashia: 1730
  • Monnunagar: 1710
  • Sreepur: 1740

Archeological Sites of Gazipur District

There are a lot of Archeological Sites in Gazipur district. Some of them are including Dholsamundra (the capital of the local Pala kings) at Boali, Toke Badshahi Mosque; Dighi and mazar at Chaura; old bridge (built by Meer Jumla) at Tangi, Bhawal Rajbari and the maths at Joydebpur etc.

Gazipur District Tourist Places

There are many famous places to visit in Gazipur district. These include Nakkhatra Bari, Saint Nikolas Church, National University, Sreefaltali Royal Palace, Bhawal Royal Palace, Nuhash Palli of great legend Humayun Ahmed, safari park Gazipur, Tongi Industrial Area, BRRI, Vawal National Park, Nondon Park, Fantasy Kingdom, Kalinarayana Temple, Jagroto Chaurangi Muktijodha Monument, Machine Tools Factory, Open University, Ansar Academy, Arms Factory, Gazipur resort etc.

Gazipur District Famous persons

Some people have enlightened the Gazipur district. These include Dr Meghnad Saha (Scientist) Abu Jafor Samsuddin (Journalist and Writer), Tajuddin Ahmed (Politician), Prof. Dr Ekhlash Uddin, Dr Ajit Kumar Saha (Researcher), Mohammad Nurul Islam Vowalratna, Gobinda Chandra Das (Poet), Landlord Norendra Narayan Roy Chowdhury (Founder of Baldha Garden, Dhaka) Ahsan Ullah Master (Politician), Rajanikant Barman (Footballer), Mr Kazi Mozammel Hoque (Freedom Fighter and Politician), Shahid (Martyr) Hurmat Ali, Romesh Chandra Mazumdar (Historian), Moyaj Uddin Ahmed (Freedom Fighter) etc.

Gazipur District Miscellaneous

  • Language: Bangla
  • Government Primary Schools: 235
  • Government High Schools: 150
  • Gazipur Polytechnic Institute: 1
  • Gazipur PTI: 01
  • General Hospital: 1
  • Upazila Health Complex: 5
  • Gazipur Govt College: 14
  • Gazipur Universities: 5
  • Private Medical College: 2
  • Division: Dhaka
  • Diabetic Hospital: 1
  • Chest Disease Hospital: 1
  • Heart Foundation: 1
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): 3500
  • Stadium: 1
  • Public Library: 1
  • Ideal Villages: 20
  • Cyclone Center: 6

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