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Desh Travels Counter Number and Information with Ticket Price

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Desh Travels BD is one of the famous bus service companies in Bangladesh. Desh Travels is a partnership business, which is the sister concern of the Jamuna Industrial Agro Group. Recently, they have inaugurated some luxurious buses to the Dhaka – Rajshahi route. But, surprisingly many of us are known about the details, such as their contact numbers, addresses, website etc. 

this is why the post so that you can know their details while trying to get them. Moreover, here we are including the Desh Travels ticket price and Desh Travels Rajshahi to Kolkata route details.

Brief Description of the Desh Travels !

The journey of the transportation of the Desh Travels was started since 18th November 2012. As it’s already stated that this is a partnership business and Jamuna Industrial Agro Group, they start it with only 23 buses. All buses of the Desh Travels come from the famous Hino and Hyundai companies. If you’re a traveler of Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi and Cox's bazaar, then you can be of their contact details. Because they operate their service on these routes, you can travel with them with comfort.

Desh Travels Rajshahi to Kolkata Bus Services

The Desh Travels Rajshahi to Kolkata bus services offers an amazing international journey to Kolkata, India. They present the new Hyundai noble AC bus with 28 seats, which provides comfort journey. It has started the journey on 1st September 2016 of Desh Travels Rajshahi to Kolkata bus services. Moreover, there is visa center in Rajshahi so you can get it with simple effort while presenting yourself in this visa center. You can take tickets from the counters that are available across the country.

Desh travels counter Number and information

Here is the Desh Travels Counter Numbers and Information as its head office is Rajshahi based. But, it has counters in many places across the country. So, get details of the Desh Travels counter number and information is below:
Rajshahi Head Office:

Contact Number: +880-721-811888, 01762684400.



Dhaka Booking Office:
Contact Number: 01727545460,
01621303755, 01746474780,
01992797700, 01686000155,
01992797701, 01992797702,
01992797699, 01992797703


Country-wide Counter Numbers of Desh Travels

Horgram court bazaar Counter,
Desh Travels Counter Mobile Number: 01762684419.
Laxmipur, Rajshahi Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684419.
City bypass, Rajshahi Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684421.
Kajla, Rajshahi Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684422.
Binodpur, Rajshahi Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684423.
Katakhali, Rajshahi Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684424.
Banesshar, Rajshahi Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684425.
Puthia, Rajshahi Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684426.
Natore Counter,
Contact Number: 0771-62711, 01762684402.
Bonpara, Natore Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684427.
Boraigram, Natore Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684428.
Kasikata, Natore Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684429.
Chapai Nawabganj Counter,
Contact Number: 0781-61166, 01762684401.
Ghorastand, Chapai Nawabganj Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684414.
Counter, Contact Number: 01762684413.
Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684412.
Kansat, Chapai Nawabganj Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684411.
Kalyanpur, Dhaka Counter,
Contact Number: 02-8091613, 01762684440.
Kolabagan, Dhaka Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684431.
Mohona Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684404.
Gabtoli, Dhaka Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684433.
Savar, Dhaka Counter,
Contact Number:01762684435.
Bypile, Asulia Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684436.
Chandra, Dhaka Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684437.
Uttara, Dhaka Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684438.
Norda, Dhaka Counter,
Contact Number: 01762684439.
Abdullahpur, Dhaka Counter
Contact Number: 01762684432.

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Currently, Desh Travel comes with a special offer for their passengers. You can get a special discount while showing the specific amount of used tickets. If you can show 10 used tickets, you will get a free new ticket in replace for the old tickets.
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