Brahmanbaria District ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া জেলার সকল তথ্য
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Brahmanbaria District ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া জেলার সকল তথ্য

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Locating at the east-central Bangladesh, Brahmanbaria district established in 1984 and it was included in Comilla district (formerly Tripura district) previously. The birthplace of Isa Khan is Sarail of Brahmanbaria. There was a pot of 200 years old coin was founded in Akhaura Upazila of the district where were nearly 500 coins at the Temple of Durga in Mogra Union. The region was a part of Samatat state. But, in 1790, it was included in Tripura district. It’s 10 km north of Brahmanbaria Town, the location of the first and temporary capital of Isa Khan was at Sarail. the remarkable chapters of the region are including Swadeshi movement (1905), Peasant movement (1930) No-rent movement, War of Liberation Movement (1971) etc. It was a municipality in 1869.

Geography of Brahmanbaria District

It’s mostly farmland of the Brahmanbaria district’s land areas. However, there are many cities can be found here as well. District’s largest city is Brahmanbaria where Akhaura and Ashuganj ranks also in top three. Recently, Prime Minister of Bangladesh gave permission to use Ashuganj Port.

Brahmanbaria District

Besides, Akhaura Station will be connected to Agartala very soon. This is one of the fastest growing districts in the country where agriculture, fishing, power, and natural gas are the major industries of Brahmanbaria District. Moreover, there is one of the largest railway junction in the country which is Akhaura.

Upazilas List of Brahmanbaria District

  1. Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazila
  2. Ashuganj Upazila
  3. Nasirnagar Upazila
  4. Nabinagar Upazila
  5. Sarail Upazila
  6. Kasba Upazila
  7. Akhaura Upazila
  8. Bancharampur Upazila
  9. Bijoynagar Upazila

Pourashavas: 4

Number of Union Parishad: 100

Brahmanbaria District Economy

It’s mostly agriculture that the main economic source of Brahmanbaria district. More than 55.28% holdings are farms that produce varieties of crops namely local and HYV rice, wheat, vegetables, jute, spices, cash crops, pulses, oilseeds and others out of total 465.720 holdings of the district. Also, there grows various fruits like banana, mango, jackfruit, coconut etc. Moreover, there are fishes of different varieties are caught from rivers, tributary channels and even from paddy fields during rainy season. There is the Titas Gas field in the district, which is the largest source of natural gas of Bangladesh. It’s very important for the economy of the country because it plays very important role in the fuel sector of the country.

Brahmanbaria District Cultural & Educational Heritage

There is a rich tradition of nurturing of art, education and culture in Brahmanbaria district. That’s why it calls as the cultural capital of Bangladesh. The great musical talent of the sub continent and the father of ‘Maihar Gharana’ of classical Indian music, Ustad Allauddin Khan was born in this district in 1862. There is Alauddin Music College in 1957 in Brahmanbaria was established by Ustad Ayet Ali Khan. Also, you’ll find Alauddin Sangitayan that was established by Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin in 1975. Besides, the district is proud of Sachin Dev Burman (better known as SD Burman) who was here for some days. One of the greatest musicians of Alauddin Music institute was Umesh Chandra Roy.

Ustad Bahadur Hussain Khan, Ustad Abed Hussain Khan, Ustad Khadem Hussain Khan, Ustad Raja Hussain Khan, Amar Paul, Ustad Khurshid Khan, Ustad Subal Das and Ustad Afjalur Rahman are among the other renowned musicians of the district.

Brahmanbaria District Population & Literacy

Brahmanbaria district’s total population is 28, 40,498 where Male 13, 66,711 and Female 14, 73,787. The sex ratio is 93:100 and the population density 1510/Sq Km along with annual growth rate is 1.68%. Besides, the rate of literacy of the district is 45.30% where Male 45.7% and Female 44.90%. the rate of school attendance is 50.80% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Brahmanbaria District 10th Parliament Member’s

  1. Brahmanbaria-1: Muhammed. Sayedul Haque, Bangladesh Awami League
  2. Brahmanbaria-2: Advocate Ziaul Haque Mridha, Jatiya Party
  3. Brahmanbaria-3: R. A. M Obaidul Muktadir Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League
  4. Brahmanbaria-4: Anisul Huq, Bangladesh Awami League
  5. Brahmanbaria-5: Fayzur Rahman, Bangladesh Awami League
  6. Brahmanbaria-6: Captain A B Tajul Islam ( Retd.), Bangladesh Awami League

Brahmanbaria District Major Crops

Brahmanbaria district grows Paddy, Jute, Mastered, Onion, Garlic, Pulses, Pine-Apple, Vegetables etc.

Brahmanbaria District Major Fruits

Brahmanbaria district’s major fruits are Mango, jackfruit, black berry, papaya, coconut, guava, olive, lemon, litchi, bilimbi and banana etc.

Brahmanbaria District Major Rivers

The rivers of Brahmanbaria district are Meghna and titas, Buri and Haora; Mehedi and Akashi etc.

Brahmanbaria District Bank

There are all commercial and government bank in Brahmanbaria district. Some of them are below:

  1. The Sonsani Bank
  2. Janata Bank
  3. Agrani Bank
  4. Rupali Bank
  5. Pubali Bank
  6. Uttara Bank
  7. Agricultural Bank
  8. Grameen Bank
  9. Islami Bank
  10. National Bank

Brahmanbaria District Newspapers

There are many newspapers in Brahmanbaria district, such as

  • Dailiy Brahmanbaria (1992),
  • Daily Pratibedan (1993),
  • Daily Ajker Halchal (1997),
  • Daily Titas Kanth (1999),
  • Daily Samatat Barta (2000),
  • Daily Dindarpan (2000);
  • Weekly Titas,
  • Weekly Penbridg (1999),
  • Fortnightly Charch (1997);

Periodicals- Sahitya Academy Patrika, Nasirnagar Barta, Sarail Barta, Muktaprabaha;

Brahmanbaria Postal Code

  • Akhaura: 3450
  • Brahamanbaria Sadar: 3400
  • Nabinagar: 3410
  • Nasirnagar: 3440
  • Sarail: 3430
  • Banchharampur: 3420

Tourist Place

There are many famous places to visit in Brahmanbaria district. These include Titas Gas Field, Graveyard of Birshresta Mostafa Kamal, Kasba Kollapathar Somadhi, Faruque Park, Graveyard of Kallishid (R), Home of Ostad Alauddin Kha, Hatirpul, Home of Biplobi Ullash Datta, Gonga Sagor, Meghna Bridge, Ashugonj Power Station, Jadughor Sahi Mosque, Haripur Landlord Palace etc.

Famous person of Brahmanbaria

Some people have enlightened the Brahmanbaria district. These include Addyata Mollobormon (Novelist), Ostad Ayet Ali Kha (Musical Talent), Ostad Alauddin Kha (Musical Talent), Nawab Syed Shamsul Huda, Samaul Hoque (Poet), Ostad Khadem Hossain Kha (Music Personality), Haralal Roy (Writer), Ma Anyandamoye, Sayed Samsul Huda (Educationist), Oli Ahad (Language Fighter), Al Mahmud (Poet), Ali Imam (Literate Personality), Sayad Abdul Hadi (Singer), Safic Rehman (Editor), Subol Das (Composer), Alamgir (Film Actor), Abdul Kadir (Poet) etc..

 Brahmanbaria District Miscellaneous

  • Language: Bangla
  • Government Primary Schools: 961
  • Government High Schools: 5
  • Non Government High Schools: 350
  • Brahmanbaria Govt College: 18
  • Private College: 19
  • Division: Chittagong
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): Major 154
  • Temple (Hindu): 420
  • Church: 01
  • Stadium: 1
  • Public Library: 1

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