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Bijoy Bangla Keyboard Download for Android and Windows

Bijoy Bangla Keyboard Download for Android and Windows
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Bijoy Bangla Keyboardsoftware was discovered on 16th December in 1988.So, it’s aged almost 29years now.Mustafa Jabbar sir is a legend of Bangladesh he has created this technology. Last 5 years this software used to only for Bangladesh for mackintosh computer. Now it has used conventional at West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and more Bengali speaking people. Most of the Bengali speaking people are using this software. Now, Bijoy software use available for mackintosh, windows, Linux and Android operating system.  You can download the software from here that is totally free.

BijoyBangla Keyboard Download for Android


Bijoy Bangla keyboard has developed for Android App, OS, and easily write Bangla Unicode by Bijoy keyboard. You have to download the App, set up and then use it easily. Bijoy Bangla keyboard app is used properly for desktop PCs. This software new version developed by completely for us. Downloading the app and install, you have to setup and you are able to use it in desktop PCS and android.

This app works in android OS which helps for writing Unicode Bangla. You are able to use it on Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs. For writing Bangla in software Bijoy is much popular in a lot of software.As a whole, this software for writing Bangla in professionally accepted to all. Bijoy Bangla keyboard is one of most profitable software in Bangla writing software.

Whatever, you need to write Bangla always have to use a Bijoy Bangla keyboard layout. For the easy type of Bengali, there are many keyboards have developed in the technologies market. However, Bijoy Bangla keyboard layout one of the most popular layout for writing.

Why do you need to use Bijoy Bangla?

Why we use Bijoy? Good question I say why we use it. In this little post, we are going to show you how to use bi joy Bangla-layout. We provide Bijoy Bangla software free download on our blog. You can find on this software for use Windows 7, Vista and XP layout features’. This software currently the most famous layout of Bangladesh.  Mustafa Jabbar has claimed to Bijoy users to be careful, that the Avro Keyboard is the first free Bangla typing software for windows.  Anywhere type bangle- write spreadsheets, documents, send Bangla email, download free Bangla writing software and chat in Bangla program.  This software has easier for Smart Bangla technology the program makes to help Bengali text.

Bijoy keyboard download for windows 10

Bijoy 52 is a new final full version for windows 10 OS 32/64 bit. Bijoy Bangla Keyboard free download for windows 10 is here. Bijoy 52 program free version has an offline stable registration systemYou can free download from online premium crack for using your devices. Bijoy software was supposed to have features that flash creativity. It should surround sutonnyMJ Bangla font and user-friendly. It helps the beginner to write in any windows or operating system. The software is to provide plenty of features to assist with the finger- easy writing, including BijoyBangla typingkeyboard formula.

It should be presented keys to developing characters and conjunct. This Bangla writing software gives us easy typing way that we easily catch writing ability to write Bangla by SutonnyMJ.

Easy to use Bijoy Bangla

This writing software has easy features for operating their user. Anyone knows about the basic computer it helps them to download, install and easily figure out how to use them for Bangla writing. It helps anyone who wants to write Bangla otherwise this features assists to arrange thoughts and prompt inspiration them. It can assist able to be and expert writers, whether they want to write long or short stories, other writing projects, the same as novels, Bangla Newspaper, Bangla Book, Magazine and etc. depend on your choose, it’s best for fiction and nonfiction, elevated writing style.

Bijoy Keyword Is an Innovation and New Idea

When you will go for writing you will find Bijoy Software different characteristics form other Bangla witting software. The software doesn’t think only keyboard or is an innovation and new idea on since of age. First Bijoy of the Bengali language used to a deep emotional relationship. Once a time, in Bangladesh many people don’t use any software like this version. As much as you think, it is one of the best digital technological innovations in Bangladesh. Probably it is the only software patent until now. Bijoy software has created a platform with Bengali language and to other digital devices. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like that; it was not to try creating any of the software.

However, Bijoy of the digital device Bengali unchanged has been confirmed fully application.  A few people believe that how it possible that in 28th February 2008 to 18th November 2013 within a month on average,32188 layouts printed on the keyboard of Bijoy has been legally imported in the Bangladesh.

At this time the only lawfully imported 2263708 Bangla language over the keyboard layout printed on the keyboard. You can’t find any information during the time form 1988 to 2008.In the meantime, at list 30/50 lakh Bijoy Bangla-layout printed keyword imported. Otherwise announced last 25 years, even without the permission imported keyboard have no bed information.

For the Bijoy in the last passing over 25 years, the huge amount of the computer has been installed may not be predictable. In fact, it can be called that for a fact that the Bijoy has been successfully installed in a number of computers around the country. We are providing its development and will upload the latest and newest version as soon as it is developed. Would you please use the newest version for more and more benefit?

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In this system, we found Bangle language as our mother speech. Now yet if you do not have installed this software on your computer you can download that form here. You can easily use for windows 10 and windows 7 or 64-bit operating system.  If you face any problem would you please let me know your problem before leave post, we always respect our visitor’s comment.  If you know about these software upcoming futures, you can share your opinion on our comment post.

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