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Bangladesh Women Cricket Team

Bangladesh Women Cricket Team
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Bangladesh women cricket team has acquired several reputations in the field of international cricket. This women team is leading the international cricket of Bangladesh. We know that most of the people of Bangladesh love man cricket. But Bangladesh women cricket team is not known all over this country. After words, day by day they are progressing performance to won some matches.  
Wow! There is great news for Bangladeshi cricket fans that this team has got one-day status in the year of 2007 on July 18.

The History of Bangladesh Women Cricket Team

Bangladesh women cricket team history is not long. They played against Thailandin the year of 2007 on July. And they won two matches against them. After this matter, they set to play ACC Women’s Tournament in Malaysia in the same year. They play with first round China, the UAE, and Singapore. And Bangladesh wins the final match against Nepalin the ACC tournament. From this tournament, Bangladesh Women cricket team gets the one-day playing country in the international cricket.

Bangladesh Women Cricket Team One Day Status

There are many women cricket team in the world Bangladeshwomen cricket team one of them. In the year of 2011 is most important time for Bangladeshwomen cricket. Already, we have come to know that on November 24 in 2011 in the red letter day for Bangladeshwomen cricket. That day this team had got the ICC one-day status in the international cricket world. Now Bangladesh is the top ten women cricket team of ICC.

Success History of BangladeshWomen Cricket Team

Already, the Bangladeshwomen cricket team has got one day and T20 status in the world women cricket. They have also done better performance in the ICC Women World Cup qualifiers. And they have acquired the place in the international level of women cricket. In the year of 2016, this team partakes in T20 women World Cup 2016 in India. And they played not bad but unfortunately they don’t get any high place in this tournament.

Failure History of BangladeshWomen Cricket Team

Really, Bangladeshwomen cricket team plays well but sometimes they don’t get their best from them. Recently, they have lost their game to South Africa Women Cricket Team. There is the huge lack of batting and bowling department in this team. They also fall in catch most time in during the important matches. So we have huge opportunity to do better of Bangladeshwomen cricket team.

Present Members of BangladeshWomen Cricket Team

But the time of the passes Bangladeshwomen cricket team has got change. At this moment, we have got a list of this team. The list is bellow-
1.   Salma Khatun  (C)
2.   Ayesha Akhter
3.   Chamely Khatun
4.   Farhan Hoque
5.   Sanjida Islam
6.   Jahanara Alam
7.   Khadiza Tul Kubra
8.   Lata Mandal
9.   Panna Ghosh
10.         Rumana Ahmed
11.         Shathira Jakir
12.         Suktara
13.         Sharmin Gupta
14.         Yasmin Boishakhi (WC)
At the end of these articles, we can say that Bangladesh women cricket team is doing better day by day. So we have to do better in future.

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