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Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search

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Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search is the topic to discuss about. A national ID number is a unique identification number assigned to a person by ECB’s (Election Commission Bangladesh) National Identity Registration Wing. National ID card contains important information like name, address, place of birth, date of birth, biometric information such as passport size photograph and finger print of the person carrying the card. Along with this information it contains a unique number which is the national ID number of the card. Anyone over eighteen  years can apply for the card. So, let’s jump into the article about Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search.
Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search

Smart national ID Card To Citizens


The government of Bangladesh is now providing smart national ID card to citizens. This smart ID card is a machine readable card which will have 32 types of information about a citizenand there are 28 security features in this card. 
It takes 1 to 2 year to get the national ID card in hand after registering for it though NID cards are required for availing at least 22 types of services, including passport, banking, driving license, trade license and share trading. In future, it would be required for getting many more services. In future, it would be required for getting many more services.  It is almost impossible for adults to get any
service without it.

How To Do Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search


Do have any query how to do Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search.Considering these issues, the ECB officials make provisions for getting the softcopy of ID card and ID card number easily in online. Someone can get the online ID card number easily by following those
1st Step
For getting the ID card number you have to visit the website first. A window will open like the picture below. Click on the marked area and go to other information> voter information. 
Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search
2nd Step:  In the new tab you will have to fill up a form with your Birth Date and NID number or Voter ID registration number. After entering those enter the captcha and click on See Voter Information”.
Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search
After that you will redirected to a window like the picture below and the marked number is your NID number. So that’s it on Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search.

How to Download National ID Card Soft copy


You can also download the softcopy of your National ID card by registering for online care. Follow the following steps for Registering for online care:

Step 1: Go to home, select registration. A national id card registration form will open, fill up the form with accurate information like NID number, Birth date, Mobile number, email address, residential addresses and passwords and click on register.

Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search
Step 2: An activation code will be sent in your phone number. Activate your account by inserting the activation code. After activating, login in your account with NID number and the new code sent to your mobile number. 
Bangladesh National ID Card Number Search

Step 3: You will get all the

information and a view of your ID card after login in. You can download the NID card and save it from “Identity Statement”.卐 Internal Links   Airtel Customer Care Number and details Here Currently, there are over 10 crore voters in Bangladesh. Of them, nine crore will get smart cards by the next year under an ongoing project. The rest of the voters would get cards under a new project which would be launched soon. EC officials said citizens’ data are safe from unauthorized access as the database servers are “fully protected”.

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