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Al Amin Hossain Biography

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Al Amin Hossain is a right-handed medium pace bowler and right-handed batsman. He is an excellent right-handed pace bowler and started his bowling carrier from 2013. He has taken 3 wickets for Bangladesh in many matches, including the latest Asia Cup 2016. He is the most wicket taker for the country in this Asia Cup.

Cricket Career of Al-Amin Hossain

Al-Amin starts his carrier with taking 39 wickets in first-class cricket in 2011-12 for Khulna Division and got instant notice to join in the national cricket academy of BCB. He was debuted in test & T20I in 2013 against Sri Lanka. He feels comfortable to play T20 cricket than all other cricket formats, but he is doing well enough in ODIs for Bangladesh.

Al Amin Hossain

Al-Amin Hossain bowled nicely in the latest Asia Cup 2016 cricket of T20 format. He picked up 3 wickets almost in each match he played in the tournament. He is the top wicket taker for Bangladesh side in this Asia Cup. He basically, is a bowler, but he also bat well when it required for the team. In domestic cricket, he plays for Khulna Div. and Barisal Burners in BPL. But, unfortunately, he missed the World cup of 2015 for the complaint of violate the discipline of the team.

Batting & fielding averages of Al-Amin Hossain


Al-amin is a bowling attack of Bangladesh cricket team. So, he does not get enough chances to bat. Here is his batting and fielding statistics of Al-Amin:

Tests : Matches-6, Innings-9 , NO-6, Runs-68, High Score-32*, Average-22.66, BF-103, S/R-66.01, 100s-0, 50s-0, 4s-6, 6s-5,Ct-0, St-0.

ODIs : Matches-14, Innings-7, NO-5, Runs-4, High Score-2*, Average2.00-, BF-20, S/R-20.00, 100s-0, 50s-0, 4s-0, 6s-0,Ct-1, St-0 .

T20Is : Matches-20, Innings-4, NO-3, Runs-7, High Score-5*, Average-7.00, BF-10, S/R-70.00, 100s-0, 50s-0, 4s-1, 6s-0,Ct-2, St-0.

First Class : Matches-28, Innings-42, NO-15, Runs-219, High Score-37, Average-8.11, BF-442, S/R-49.54, 100s-0, 50s-0, 4s-24, 6s-0,Ct-7, St-0 .

List A : Matches-42, Innings-22, NO-10, Runs-62, High Score-21, Average-5.16, BF-119, S/R-52.10, 100s-0, 50s-0, 4s-8, 6s-2,Ct-5, St-0.

Twenty20 : Matches-54, Innings-15, NO-11, Runs-37, High Score-17, Average-9.25, BF-49, S/R-75.51, 100s-0, 50s-0, 4s-3, 6s-1,Ct-7, St-0.

Bowling averages of Al-Amin Hossain


Al Amin Hossain is an excellent bowler of Bangladesh team. His medium pace picked up a lot of wickets in all formats of crickets, specially, in the T20 format. His bowling statistics are as below:

—– Tests : ODIs T20Is First-class List A T-Twenty20
Matches 6 14 20 28 42 54
Innings 9 14 18 52 42 52
Balls 880 603 386 4063 1956 1061
Runs 460 523 461 2087 1602 1366
Wickets 6 21 33 75 68 74
BBI 3/80 4/51 3/20 7/36 6/16 5/17
BBM 3/98 4/51 3/20 12/89 6/16 5/17
Average 76.66 24.90 13.96 27.82 23.55 18.45
Economy 3.13 5.20 7.16 3.08 4.91 7.72
S/R 146.6 28.7 11.6 54.1 28.7 14.3
4w 0 2 0 2 4 0
5w 0 0 0 4 2 2
10 0 0 0 1 0 0

Al-Amin Hossain is one of the top bowling sensations of Bangladesh cricket. He performed much to make win Bangladesh team in many matches. His bowling averages are going to be large day by day.

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