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About Us

Hello Guys! www.bangladeshbuzz.com is the largest entertainment, technological and educational blog in the world. This site has created for serving the proper actual and latest educational, entertainment and technological information among the people all over the world. The admin of this site wants to help to the people for serving through fresh contents about entertainment, technological and educational. And this is our main goal to being an authority.


We know that education is the backbone of a nation. So, we gather real and update information about education, and keep on our site to help the people. In this site we try to keep all kinds of educational news in the education category. They are many people in the world who are seeking fresh and real educational news on online world. Our blog is one of them who are providing 100% unique contents just for our visitors.

Technological information

We can’t go even a single day without technological helping. We deeply feel these kinds of lack and try to gather real and upgraded technological information on our blog from all over the world. The computers, laptops, smartphones are the main features products for this site. There are many technological information on this site beside above discussion.

Entertainment Information

When we feel hungry then we eat foods. When we feel mind hungry then we are finding entertainment that works like foods. However, in this section we try to keep all kinds of entertainment contents on our site. In this section we keep celebrity biography and other information. Most of the time general visitors are finding healthy entertainment element, we got this report from Google. So, we maintain this category through healthy and fresh contents that can make the people so good feeling.

If you feel to ask any question about “About us”, Please don’t be rushed, contact us.